Caldav sync slows down Thunderbird, grey out - can't work

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Caldav sync slows down Thunderbird, grey out - can't work

Klaus Moder
Hi there!
Since I'm looking for answers to this topic over a year now, tried several things that not really help I'm interested if I'm the only one who is stuck up with Thunderbird greying out and doesn't write Mailtext because of syncing caldav-calendars.

Here Infos about our system(s):
owncloud 9.1.6 running on 2 E5-2670v3 processors @ 2.30GHz, 6GB RAM, Debian 8.8 "Jessie", Kernel 3.16.0-4, Apache 2.4.10 with MySQL Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.55.

We tried on very much Clients and have no Problem on iOS or Android devices and also not on the onwcloud Web view of the Calendar but always in Thunderbird. It doesn't matter if I install a lot of or no Add-ons - it always slows down.

How much it slows down depends on the machine I'm working. For examle working on a i3 Laptop with Ubuntu and a SSD: You have to start Thunderbird and wait for about 10min so you can work without greying out all 10s - very annoying if you want to write a "fast" mail or look "fast" something up in your calender. This is in whole Thunderbird not only in calendar or when writing mails.

On my new fast Workstation with Xeon-Processor and mSATA-SSD its much better but sometimes it also stopps for thinking and of course - do I have to work with a highend-workstation so I can work accaptable with my mail- and calenarprogram?

My employee has a bit older HP-Workstation, also with a Xeon and SSD - on his its again slower than on my new.

Of course we have a lot of calendar elements. We went to archive old Tasks and often delete tasks instead of marking them as done. All-in-All there are at this time about 200 tasks and about 3700 events in 10 calendars.

My suggestion would be two things:
- Optimise sync so not all Elements are synced (no need to sync elements older thand 2 Months every 5min.)
- Optimise sync algorithm so it runs in background

I'm excited on your replies! Thanks
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