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Re: Lighting stopped working with Thunderbird v 56 beta 2

Thanks for your input. I've been away and unable to reply until now.

What I meant by stop working is the the Lightning extension wouldn't load. You could see this in the add-on manager. The button to launch the calendar tab, normally displayed in the upper right, was missing. I did re-install 56.0b2, and yes Lightning is bundled, but the extension still wouldn't load. I couldn't see any problem on the google side.

I forget why I first installed the beta release. I've occasionally had similar problems with Lightning in the past and I probably tried the beta version to resolve. The beta channel updates worked smoothly for quite a while until 56.02b.

I did try different versions of the Lighting extension with 56.02b, but without success.

I ultimately rolled Thunderbird back to the current release channel version 53.3.0 and with the bundled Lightning 5.4.3 everything worked fine again. I'll stay with the release updates until/if I have a problem.

Thank you.

On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 8:05:44 PM UTC-4, [hidden email] wrote:
> Tried reinstalling the extension, tried rolling back to earlier version. Now I can't get any version of Lighting to install with v 56 beta 2. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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