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On 02.07.2016 02:48, Herb@UK wrote:

> On 28.06.2016 05:26 UK Time, [hidden email] wrote:
>> On Tuesday, 28 June 2016 13:24:48 UTC+10, Herb@UK  wrote:
>>> On 22.06.2016 23:41 UK Time, [hidden email] wrote:
>>>> I currently use My Phone Explorer to sync Lightning with my Samsung
>>>> S5 Phone. It is able to sync contacts, notes and calendar entries.
>>>> On Thursday, 23 June 2016 03:50:48 UTC+10, NFN Smith  wrote:
>>>>> There may be pointers that I haven't found, but I'll ask here,
>>>>> anyway...
>>>>> What tools are out there for synchronizing Lightning with an Android
>>>>> device directly, without having to go through a server-based
>>>>> calendar first?
>>>>> I'm aware of BirdieSync, but are there others?
>>>>> For me, I want the capacity of synchronization my Android with my
>>>>> computer, without having to have open Internet connections, and I also
>>>>> don't want to be exposing my calendar information to Google.
>>>>> Right now, I'm using Microsoft Outlook, because I have that working,
>>>>> although I'd really prefer to use Thunderbird.
>>>>> That said, is there a way of synchronizing Thunderbird and Outlook?
>>>>> I'm
>>>>> guessing that there isn't (at least without doing exports and
>>>>> imports),
>>>>> but I'm at least seeing if there's something that I don't know about.
>>>>> Smith
>>> What are the relative pros and cons of BirdieSync vs My Phone Explorer
>>> for syncing Lightning?
>>> Thank you.
>> MyPhoneExplorer is free!
> Thanks, but what about user-friendliness etc.?

Any further thoughts on this?

I tried My Phone Explorer in the past but found it a little cumbersome,

Does BirdieSync meet the user-friendliness criterion?

I dare say there is only one way to find out, i.e. try it :-)

Herbert Eppel

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