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Re: No writable calendars configured for invitations

On Monday, July 17, 2017 at 9:05:22 AM UTC-7, Nout Hoozemans wrote:

> I used to be able to accept invites from any of the e-mail addresses configured in my Thunderbird+Lightning setup.
> Right now, however, I can only accept invitations arriving on any non-gmail address into local calendars, and am unable to move these events to the appropriate calendar.
> Is it 1) Thunderbird+Lightning or 2) the Google Provider add-on that's limiting my options?
> Is there anything I can do to open up my Google calendars to invites from other sources?
> Current versions: Thunderbird 52.2.1 64-bit on Ubuntu 14.04, with Lightning 5.4 and Google provider 3.3 add-ons.
> Unfortunately I can't tell you what versions/configuration I had when this was last working.

After much searching and trying things, I finally found something that I think works.

Using your current setup, Thunderbird 52.2.1 64-bit, with Lightning and Google provider 3.3 add-ons:
1. Add a new calendar choosing On the Network.
2. Choose Format: CalDAV
3. Set Location (this is the critical component)

The absolutely necessary piece is the /events at the end of the URL.  This is what I found to work for me.  Hopefully it helps you, too.

Follow this blog post for more information, including how to obtain the CALID:

4. Set the Name, Color, etc
5. When you click Continue, you should get a popup asking for you Gmail login information.  Fill that in.
6. Back in the new calendar wizard, click Done.  You should now have a writable calendar in Thunderbird.

You may get a bunch of old reminders.  Just dismiss them (Dismiss All).  If some won't go away, try restarting TB.  You should probably do that anyway, just to be safe.

Good luck!
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