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Time zone selection in Lightning

Pierre D-6
I am using TB 52.0.1 (32-bit) with Lightning on Windows.

The list of time zones is a bear to navigate. Some cities are listed under a
continent, some under a country, some under a region, and some (in North Dakota,
India, Kentucky for example) even have the state specified. There is no logic here. A
real mess when you are looking for a particular city in the world.

For example, for cities in Australia, they are listed under Australia, but the
capital, Canberra, is not even listed. However for their neighbor, New Zealand, it's
under Pacific. What's the rational here?

Another example, Denpasar, the capital of Bali, an island in Indonesia is not listed.
Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia) is listed, but Jakarta is in a different timezone
than Denpasar, so that doesn't help.

Long story short, finding the right time zone is an absolute mess. If you could click
on the map that would help, but you cannot.

I would like to request that the list of time zones be changed to the way time zones
are displayed in Windows (and other operating systems), i.e. sorted by time (and name
of the time zones if there are more than one name, and there usually is), and listing
several cities in each of the time zones to help the selection.

What do Philipp and others think? Is this a reasonable request? Is it hard to
implement? I wouldn't think so but I am not the programmer ;-)

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