caldav (ownclodu) sync massive Thunderbird slowdown

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caldav (ownclodu) sync massive Thunderbird slowdown

Klaus Moder!forum/

Betreff: caldav (ownclodu) sync massive Thunderbird slowdown

Hi there!

Since we are experiencing massive slowdown by caldav-calendards and looking for a solution over a year now (nope, tried a lot, found nothing that helped) I will try my luck here and hope you can help me solve our poor performance problem:

We have added about 6-10 calendars with up to 200 Tasks and about 3700 events in sum.
When starting Thunderbird it takes a while (depends on the PC) till the ongoing "greying out and come back" is over. Takes from 1min on our fastest to 10min-15min on our slowest client.
When started we also have huge perfomrance problems when:
        - saving a new event (loading again a lot of things instead of doing it in background?)
        - mail writing/reading(sync is running in background, you cannot write further - the letters you typed are then typed when "grey out" is over (10s-1min)
We set sync to 5mins because otherwise it often happens (already tried) that we create collating events.

owncloud 9.1.6 on Debian 8.8 "Jessie" With apache 2.4.10 and MySQL Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.55, 2x Xeon E5-2670 @ 2.70GHz, 6GB RAM, good internet connection in a datacenter

Our worst client is a Intel i3 with 240GB SSD and installed Thunderbird with Lightning. Our best is a new Workstation with a 8-Core 3GHz Xeon with mSATA SSD. Internet-connection: From 6MBit down and 1MBit up to 40MBit down and 15MBit up. Thunderbird and Lightning version: actual over update-channel of Ubuntu or over auto-update on windows.

On the workstation the problem is there but "its ok", on the i3 we're sometimes crying when writing a 2-line mail in 10min... We have no problem in web view of owncloud and also the sync to iOS and android does what it should in good speed.

        - sync in background so
                - you can fast move and create items
                - no "greyout" happens in whole TB
        - improve sync code (?possible?)
        - Some apps do a good job in 2 sync methods: Longtime sync (just every hour or every day) and short term sync every 1-60mins
        - Am I the only one experiencing this problem?
        - What can I do?
        - Will this be fixed?
Thank you all for help!
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Re: caldav (ownclodu) sync massive Thunderbird slowdown

Pierre D-3
On 07/25/17 06:10, Klaus Moder wrote:
> Questions:
> - Am I the only one experiencing this problem?
> - What can I do?
> - Will this be fixed?

I have been experiencing Thunderbird slowdowns (Windows 7 a year ago and Win10 now)
beyond what I would consider normal.

I am in the middle of typing an email and suddenly the characters don't appear. Or
the cursor keys stop responding. If I click on the window, then it goes into "not
responding" mode. Then about 30sec later (sometimes a minute), all the characters
appear, or the cursor moves. Extremely aggravating.

Lightning seems to be causing much of the slowdown. It gets way worse when an alarm
is ABOUT to pop up. 5-10 seconds before an event triggers, Lightning will basically
freeze (nothing responds), and then the event reminder pops up and steals the focus
(another extremely aggravating feature).

I am using 5 Google calendars with Caldav, and two Google holiday calendars. They are
not all synced on the same schedule. Some every 5 minutes, some every hour, and
others in between. I don't know what to do about all this, but you are not alone.

About a year+ ago, I decided to run two copies of Thunderbird and two separate
profiles: one with my mail and usual add-ons, and another with no add-ons at all
except Lightning. At least it helped a little bit with the mail side, because
Lightning was no longer running there. And the Lightning slowdowns can't be blamed on
other add-ons since there aren't any where it runs.

It is still not a good solution, and it doesn't address the Lightning slowdowns. Any
ideas for relief?

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